Nothing Newt Here
by LiberatedWoman
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Old and Stale
Old and Stale

Remember how last year Newt Gingrich’s fundraising organization, Americans Solutions for Winning, told Dawn Rizos (owner of The Lodge) she was winning a big award and all she needed to do was pay $5,000 for the privilege of winning?

Then remember how Newt’s folks (and by that I mean his people, not his actual parents, ) figured out that Rizos’ establishment was not a restaurant, but was a strip club? And then they said, “Sorry, we can’t give this fake award to a strip club, so um, we’re taking back our invitation and our award”?

Well, it seems that after Newt said his fact checker/screening folks would be doing a better job after the last debacle, Rizos got another letter last year, asking her to donate $1,000, or even up to $2,000. She’d even get a cool card that says she is a member. There was even a mock up of that card.  Rizos responded by sending Newt a membership card, too: A lifetime VIP membership card to The Lodge.

Dawn Rizos, owner of one of the country's best strip clubs, was pleased Wednesday when the former House Speaker announced his bid for the White House.

"Congratulations to Mr. Gingrich," she told The Dallas Morning News. "We have always applauded his ideals of personal responsibility, helping small businesses like ours, and keeping government out of our private lives."

Rizos said that she would help Gingrich raise money, going as far as holding a fund-raiser or rally.

"We're not ready to make an endorsement yet, but we would be glad to host a town hall meeting or even a fundraiser for him," Rizos said.

If such an event is held at The Lodge, it would certainly be a change of pace.  But in my opinion, there is nothing Newt here.

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