by HellFire
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As always obama’s followers failing in the face of truth, and I mean ALWAYS, revert to the same old rhetoric as exampled in infant blogs laced with subnormal captions… 

Exampled by the following link are typical obama supporter’s :

No one can deny those interviews and the typical answer is ‘I DON'KNOWLOL!!! They deny being socialists but support socialism…LOL!!!!! 

Biggest statement " I WANT FREE". They have no clue as to political issues, no idea of how many states in the US, and do not have the slightest idea of what a democracy is or HOW IT works!!!

The following clip confronts a liberal with facts and truth and sends her into an absolute demonstration of an obama follower, reminds me of, well you know who.

The majority of obamas followers fail to have a decent command of the English language and have no clue as to grooming, I am not kidding, look at the video. PERFECT EXAMPLES OF OBAMAS FOLLOWERS!!!

The below clip asks a man what he supports about obama, watch it and guess which blograt it puts me in mind of.

I guess one could state that they revert to their intellectual comfort zone, childishness as displayed by their usual comments and blogs. But I won’t go there. 

I will state that one should know one’s limitations before attacking. The result, as recently exampled on the youtube clips and an obama follower has just experienced here can be traumatic by belittlement into copying a superior. Don’t be surprised when a blograt copy-cat blog follows…


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