Obamas Good News
by HellFire
 Obamas Good News
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Following the political cheerleaders in the government, the talking Obammie heads celebrated a decrease in unemployment claims as a “signal that job losses are slowing as the economy begins to recover”.
Apparently, they used stimulus money to buy themselves a liberal set of double standards.

How about another bit of good news?
The Labor Department’s measure of worker productivity “jumped at a 9.5% annual rate”. Hmm. Less workers doing the same amount of work for less pay (minus 5.2% less, to be specific!) would get you right there. A case of less being more? Are you enthused yet?

If your exuberance can’t quite catch up with the market’s irrationality yet, here’s another bit of good tidings:
Senate Democrats won committee approval of the notorious ‘cap-and-trade’ bill. I guess the thinking is that the record new debt levels are not inflationary enough. Only by saddling business with a boatload of new taxes and raising prices for consumers can you guarantee that the U.S. economy will remain depressed.

The long-term prospects, however, remain dim for the U.S. economy.
The dollar is unpopular as ever. The  “Obama Doctrine” which could be summarized as “spend more than you can borrow while reducing domestic economic viability” appears to be aiming at reducing the U.S. economy to an unholy hybrid between Japan and Italy: Continued low interest rates, massive inflationary threats chasing deflationary fears, and never-ending redistribution and stimulus plans are creating a situation like never before.

Nobody wants the dollar these days. But the world economy still depends on the greenback to keep the business world spinning. There is an interesting phenomenon taking place in China: As the Fed prints so much money that it is contemplating selling advertising space in place of presidential portraits.

Obama is destroying this nation, from the roots up. His pundits produce carts and figures that are all out lies and the Democratic morons are buying it while the evidence is in big red letters that this administration is bringing the United States to it knees.

Between 1787 and 1930, our nation has seen both mild and severe economic downturns, sometimes called Panics, that have ranged from one to seven years. During that interval, there was no thought that Congress or the president should intervene in the economy to enact stimulus packages, jobs programs or massive corporate handouts. Probably, the reason that no one thought to do so was that there was no constitutional authority to do so. It took the Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt administrations to massively and unconstitutionally intervene in the economy and, with the help of a frightened, derelict U.S. Supreme Court, turn what might have been a two- or three-year sharp downturn into our longest depression.
Yes they were LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!!!!!
They should be called DEMORATS.


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August 17, 2011
liberatedSFAwoaman deleted AceHi6's comment so here is the repost!!!

AceHi_6 wrote on Wednesday, Aug 17 at 02:57 AM »


Its true what HF says about your copying others and passing their work off as yours. That is all you have to say when you get caught it looks like. You have been caught lying so much all you can do is copy other people and pout. You act just like a little baby crying and deleting comments that make you look like an idiot you are.

Its so funny to see you get put in your place all the time by Hf and JB.