Responsible Blogging and Reporting
by andrewpate
 Free Speech
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Writing and reporting that uses irrational arguments and blatant distortions of facts is as obnoxious as any public expression of profanity or summons to violence, if not violations of free speech, certainly abuses of the principle.  Attacking the person rather than his or her ideas is a favortie method of commentators, reporters, and politicians who speak out and opinionate in this abusive fashion, like putting a swatiska on the face of Obama or portraying him as a communist, Muslim, or anti-Christ figure.  Similarly, George W has been wrongly portrayed, like with a dunce cap on his head or an exceptionally blank look on his face, by his opponents. The secret for dealing effectively with those who do this is two-fold: either ignore them or, if a response seems necessary, simply point out how unreasonable their statements and depictions.  Several of the blogs published here would best be ignored entirely.

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