TEA or tea?
by feelark
 Texas may be turning Purple
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King Rick's Legacy
King Rick's Legacy
The TEA (Texas Education Agency-know of a similar group with like acronym?) has already tampered with history and government textbooks, now they are going after Biology? What is next for these zealots? They have all thrived and gained power under King Rick's regime, so much that they can now do a rewrite on the very Public Education that Perry has been starving? These people need to be stopped, fellow Texans, and we have an upcoming chance in 2014 to remind them just how temporary their power can be. This is about our CHILDREN now, and it is time for us to make some changes.

Respectfully, creationism is taught in religion and evolution is taught in school, and it is up to the individual to decide which theory they subscribe to, not to have one crammed down their throat over the other.
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August 07, 2013
What is next for these zygotes? Birth--whether conceived voluntarily or by force. It is amazing that the TPers are so adamant about preserving life, until it exits the vee-jay-jay then they could care less about the welfare of the child.

Much like oil and water, the Tea Party and science don't mix.