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Tea parties are for little girls.

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August 17, 2011
Thought I'd drop by to see if you guys have saved the world yet. Lots of the same from the B-thumpers.

The right complains that taxpayer money is wasted on liberal, green, feel-good environmentally correct jobs (Their words not mine) and fails to mention the 100-plus banks that went belly-up after receiving $800 billion from the Bush administration. They can pick and choose if they want, but they can't hide from the facts.

Wasted taxpayer money is not a liberal or conservative crime, but the right seems to be the ones asking for less regulation of industries who were the perpetrators of our financial mess in the first place.

38% of Corporations pay no Federal tax. You tell me if that isn't a crime, while the rest of us pay almost 1/4 or more of our income to fund the wars, the lobbyist's golf fees, and Obama's new multi-million dollar bus. I understand a need for security, especially with all the nutjobs running around, but he or someone advising him should get a clue - especially at a time like this.

Does Obama have my vote again? Probably yes, but only because the right is much, much worse.
August 17, 2011
Wages and salaries accounted for just 1 percent of economic growth in the first 18 months after economists declared that the recession had ended in June 2009, according to researchers.

Corporate profits, by contrast, increased by an unprecedented 88 percent. And for your information, corporations main function for shareholders is to create profits. Sometimes that means new jobs with new orders, but many times it means eliminating jobs or shipping them elsewhere.

So much for "Job Creators." Speaking of job creators, let's address jackbox's "Liberal" giveaway of taxpayer money to Evergreen Solar. The money received by Evergreen came from the state, not federal. Stimulus money for sure, but it came from the state of Massachusetts not Obama's liberal petty cash account at the Treasury.

Businesses like Evergreen and others are run by the same entrepreneurs that you on the right tout as the only folks smart enough to stimulate the economy. And most of them take government money, usually in the form of subsidies or tax breaks or benefitting from new technology originating from government research grants. Jack's friends in the oil companies are some of the biggest welfare cases in the country. As oil prices continue to stay high, things will be all right. Just watch however when or if oil prices fall. Guess who'll be first in line for aid? That's right, Texas and all its broke ex-millionaires.

You can dance over the grave of Evergreen, just make sure you don't kick up too much dust. You've got a drought and the temps have been in the 100s for 80 days. You don't want to start another dust bowl.