The Crybabies - Freshman Lawmakers Cry Foul
by LiberatedWoman
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Weeper Boehner - Crybaby Leader
Weeper Boehner - Crybaby Leader

About one month ago, the House of Representatives voted on the bill reforming Medicare known as the Ryan plan.  The plan changes the Medicare program so that future retirees will have to pay a significantly larger proportion of their medical expenses even though the same people have paid into the system for decades. 

The Ryan bill received no votes from Democrats in the House, but nearly every Republican member voted to support these changes.  This has proved to be an enormous mistake to the Republican lawmakers as they have faced upset voters in town hall meetings within their own districts.

Now, 42 of the freshman GOP lawmakers in the House sent a letter to President Obama asking him to apply pressure on Democrats to be bi-partisan and stop the name-calling because they realized that they screwed up when they voted against America.  After all the name-calling and demands to slash the budget, we are left with a large group of Republicans that are being crybabies.  Waahhhh, waahhhh!

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