The Spider Plant
by Norteña
 Pamela Baker
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On a Sunday back a couple of months ago, our pastor was the working at a spiritual retreat. When this happens, usually a member of the congregation prepares and delivers the sermon. This particular week, we were blessed with a great sermon delivered by Clareda Purser, a long time member of our church. She is an excellent speaker and gives a great spiritual talk. I always look forward to hearing her sermons.

In our church, each week, the pastor or sometimes a congregation member, such as Mrs. Purser in this case, will give the children's sermon.

This week, Mrs. Purser gave the children's sermon to a couple of dozen young children sitting in the front of the sanctuary, who saw a large spider plant on a pedestal next to Mrs. Purser.

My three children were up there. I hope they were listening, but I can't be sure.

The children's sermon was about the Holy Trinity, a subject that can be difficult for even adults to understand. Mrs. Purser told the children that thinking about a plant can be helpful. The spider plant, for example, has different parts. The roots of the plant in the soil, which anchor and sustain the plant, can represent God. The leafy blades that shoot out of the soil that come out to show us what God is like, can represent Jesus. The Holy Spirit can be represented by the little offshoots or plantlets, that can spread out and grow roots and share Christ with others.

Pretty awesome analogy, I thought.

Mrs. Purser pulled off one of the little plantlets to give to one of the children. She explained that she couldn't give one to everyone since there wasn't enough. She said when she thought of the child to give this little plantlet to, she thought of that child's mother, because the child was going to need help planting it.

She wanted to give it to the busiest woman in the congregation; because people who are busy are busy because they are getting stuff done, and they would likely get the little plant into a pot and get it growing.

She said when she thought of the busiest woman in the congregation, she thought of a certain woman, with three small children to get ready for school every day, who also works outside the home.

Then she gave the plantlet to my daughter. I felt a little shocked and very humbled.

What Mrs. Purser and the rest of the congregation didn't know, is that we barely got to church that morning. My husband was working, and I just didn't feel like going. The only thing that made me decide to take a shower and get all the kids out of their pajamas and drag them to church was that little nagging voice in my head making me feel guilty about staying home when I had no good reason to.

I may be busy, but I feel like there are so many things I am not doing great - I lose my temper too easily, I stay up late watching television since I don't have time during the day, and I don't cook amazing nutritious meals every night of the week. I could do a lot better.

Another thing that Mrs. Purser probably doesn't know is that I really am not good with plants, but I wasn't going to let her and the baby spider plant down.

I did a quick Internet search to figure out what to do with the plantlet. I put it in a little dish of water to let the roots propagate a little bit. I bought a pot and got some potting soil from my mother-in-law (who is very good with plants). After a few days of being in the water dish I transplanted the little spider plant to a little pot filled with soil. I have even remembered to water it.

I have watched it over the past couple of months grow from a tiny little plant with just a couple of short spikes that survived my treatment, into a much taller plant with many bright green healthy looking leaves growing out of the soil. I will probably need to move it to a larger pot to make room for its root system, which I imagine is growing just as fast as the green leafy part on top.

And some day, I believe that I will grow this plant as lush and beautiful as the plant that Mrs. Purser had at church on that special Sunday. The plant will remind me of the Holy Trinity and Mrs. Purser and why I need to get myself and my family to church on Sunday, because I just might miss a very important blessing.

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