Truth Prevails
by HellFire
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Just like obammaie boy you think (Term used loosely) that your past will in no way be regarded as truth and have bearing on credibility. WRONG!!! Below you have been CAUGHT LYING AGAIN, which has given truth to your having no credibility whatsoever. You cannot explain how vividly you are exposed using multiple names so you attack, failed but still attack.

Fact is your kind think everything is for you, you state “their obsessed” with my beauty, fatness. All about me… You have severe reality recognition! What we are posting is not jealousy or complements but disgusting facts about you!

You don’t have a job, proven by your constant presence on this blog, have subnormal cognizant function demonstrated by your comments and like obama hate successful Americans and want to steal from us.

Obama and his goal of destruction of America has sucked your type into his cause and being so uneducated you follow like a kitten to the dog’s yard. American people are worse off than when the muslim took office and you celebrate that. Fact, you can’t truthfully deny it..

You accuse me of hacking and cannot prove it, just another attempt to get the name "HellFire" banned. In fact, if I did then what I post about you must be the truth as I have the skill to access all your information. Do you remember the “trip to the store” blog about you? You should, you demanded I be taken out and shot at dawn. What is your response to that, a hissy fitmust have hit dead on home --SHOT_SPLASH LOL!

You have threatened me with firearms under assumed names, called me racist names along with accusations of being everything from the Bee Pics child to the CIA. Obama does the same things on a different level.

You were caught lying about where you live, two vacations, occupations, 401k and numerous other things. Those are proven facts, nothing you can do about it. In fact, one of your allies clearly stated you posted under different names.

What difference does it make in the scheme of things, you tell me, but it doesn’t matter because you don’t matter. Your kind as a whole being gullible weak minded pawns of the ILLEGAL ALIEN AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM do. Your kind is the reason American people are in jeopardy right now.

You have no understanding of what you support or blog about; the last title states obammie care gives monies back, PROVE IT because it does not! You’re like the dolt that buys 100% marked up merchandise at a 10% discount and think you received a bargain.

If it’s anti Republican or in favor of government giveaways, your lowlife scum sucking type is in favor of it. What you jackasses do not realize the money will end. There is no way to support obamacare it destroys entrepreneurship. I will not waste my words on explanation because your types are far too ignorant to understand anything over 4 words.

Over the last couple of years, I have won well over a thousand dollars on your behavior. Just look at how I manipulated you the last few days. How do I predict what you will do, well that’s my business, but if it runs to the slop troughoink oink LOL! Watch for the losers comments about how long this blog is.

When will you get it through your morbidly obese uneducated welfare raised bloodsucking brain that NO ONE BELIEVES you? That was a rhetorical question.

Your kind wants what others that have worked for have. That is not nature’s way, survival of the fittest has for thousands of years dictated the weaker- inferior perished to insure betterment of the species, and I wholeheartedly agree. Like the pic of the cat who went into the dogs yard, I love it!

I applaud and fully support natural selection. Let me explain, work or starve. Earn or perish.

Now run and cry to the editors. Make that waddle and roll and cryLOL!!!


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