Voters Give Romney Slight Edge Over Obama
by tryg
 Gallup Poll; Voters Give Romney Slight Edge Over Obama
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Knowing that some, I believe they are called brats here, obviously cannot tell the truth and distort anything that is convincing contrary to what they believe lets look at what is actually being said.

I cannot put hyper-links here so you will have to go to gallup yourself to see what is true.

Consider Obamas support base. It is proven that Obama's support base from 2008 has diminished by over half and are not likely to turn out at the polls. All we have to do is look at Obama's campaign kick off to see that poor turn out is the key. 

Gallup experts are comparing the 2012 election to 2004.  George Bush won. 

So there you have it, what the brats tout as unbiased, truthful and accurate polling seems to favor the Republicans.

Let us all observe the reactions.

By the way any and all responses on the brat postings that show they are wrong are taken off. I think that fully and completely defines the author. 

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May 13, 2012
brats? You mean blograts then you are 100% correct!!