Willard Wonka and the Closed Factory
by LiberatedWoman
 Willard Wonka and the Closed Factory
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Thanks to the job cremators.

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June 07, 2012
News out this morning that Mitt is just another war-mongering chicken hawk. Evaded the draft, got numerous student deferments including a 2-year stretch in the middle of the Vietnam war to do missionary work for the Mormons. That's a deferment? I should have used that lame line to my draft board.

As far as the birthers? What can you do but pat them on their pointy little heads on this and other conspiracies; such as that the first moon landing never happened and was done in a film studio: Oswald got two head shots with an old Italian bolt-action rifle in 6 seconds from 200 yards away: Noah built an ark: transcendental meditators fly (as opposed to bouncing up and down on their overly inflated pillow: and the cow jumped over the moon.

I find the birth certificate argument laughable, and the birthers fail to address the original birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper; which has not been proven false. In fact the old yellowed copies can be viewed in person at the archives of the paper. Now that's what I call a conspiracy; a phony birth announcement 50 years ahead of placing the Manchurian candidate in the powerful office of President of the United States. For what purpose? And what agency is responsible for this action? They can't even do a phony moon landing; how did they manage to pull this one off?