Blog Addiction
by HellFire
 Blog Addicts
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The latest consequence of the information age may be addiction to the Internet. A psychologist who has established the Centre for Online Addiction in the US says the disorder causes the same type of social problems as other established addictions. Michael OReilly went on line to find physicians interested in discussing potential problems posed by the Internet. CMAJ

Symptoms include wanting to post instead of working, socializing or normal activities. Being on the blog 24/7.

This addiction like any other is given into by weak addictive type personalities. 

Now, I know you are asking the question why would this type of blog be posted. I will share this with all readers. 

As of late we have had a revealing so to speak. You know of what I refer. Consequently a number of attacks have ensued from those who have continually haunted this blog for years.

I for one had a several month absence resulting from the Bee Pic editors placing this blog away from general front page view. I admire that censure. When I returned I was accused of being The Bee Pic. Yes, I know this is the height of ridiculousness but just another symptom by the addicted. In truth it derives from not being able to overcome truth, truth that clearly defeats the addicted in the one and only place of solace and feeling of belonging. When this empowerment is taken away or threatened displays of blograts we have recently seen occur. So there you have it.

Back to the subject at hand; could one say from the clinical definition that someone on vacation, in reality or not, that the constant presence on a blog would more than qualify for blog/internet addiction. That was a rhetorical question.

The picture is illustrative of a combination of blog and eating disorder. Just threw that in...

On a more personal note:


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