Blograt Meltdown
by LiberatedWoman
 Blograt Meltdown
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Photo courtesy of Hellfire.
Photo courtesy of Hellfire.

Multiple attacks from Hellfire and Tryg today without provocation.  That is a BLOGRAT!!!

Hellfire and Tryg act like bullies and try to intimidate everyone who posts useful information on the blogs.  That is a BLOGRAT!!!

Tryg attacked Dubious today for posting a weather report.  That is a BLOGRAT!!!

Hellfire attacked me today for posting my opinion on various topics.  That is a BLOGRAT!!!

How many Youtube videos from many years ago with the same repeated lies attacking President Obama and/or liberals were posted week after week by Hellfire and Tryg?  That is a BLOGRAT!!!

CONCLUSION:  The BLOGRATS that are posting on this Website are Hellfire and Tryg.

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