Con voting
by YellowDog
 Why I've Become a Conservative
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Being a conservative means criticizing the tiniest details of any Democratic plan, but talking in only huge generalities about my own plans.  Being a conservative means I can accuse Pres. Obama of being divisive because I didn’t vote for him and he won anyway.  
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September 10, 2010
How true Way2,

Being conservative also must mean that you control the message and hide your astroturf roots too, doesn't it?

The Consumer Energy Alliance, a fake grassroot organization constructed by the American Gas Association, has who listed first on its Board of Directors? Why that would be Mr. David Blackmon, the guy who writes for this paper.

Gee, wonder what a lobbyist and board member with such a strong Republican ideology would be doing writing for a little ol' paper like the Bee-Pic?

Stirring up the folks for political reasons?

Pretending the "grassroots" movement is bigger than it is?

So why did all his pieces disappear from the paper?

September 08, 2010
You forgot to mention that being a conservative means that I will vote for officials to appoint members to commissions that will cut sweetheart deals to create slush funds for my cronies, gerrymander political districts, and raise insurance, utility rates and other fees since average people do not matter to me.