Liberal Postings
by MiddleORoad
 Liberal Postings
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Again, we have examples of obama supporting liberals. Below are recent postings of admitted socialists that support obama.

Obama has attacked the Constitution, the Supreme Court and committed blatant violations against the Constitution of The United States. By those acts, obama is a traitor. The socialist liberals do not want truths about obama cutting military resources resulting in American deaths coming to light, so they accuse others of being traitors and display for all their deceptive character.

First, anyone who supports a traitor to America is a traitor. Second statements that US troops were increased in Afghanistan because bin laden could not be caught or killed contains two falsehoods. One being obama stated the Taliban was the reason troops were sent into Afghanistan , no mention of bin laden. Second bin laden was killed by American forces in Pakistan not Afghanistan as the liberal stated. Conclusion is those who support a traitor to this great nation are what they support. One who does not know what events occurred in which country, insisting on posting their deceitful ramblings, as truth has no credibility, none at all.


Thorin | 7 Minutes Ago

The comments of the pathetic, diseased, traitor will not remain on my blogs. Burn in hellfire, traitor. Thorin

LiberatedWoman | 7 Minutes Ago

Fact is that more Americans died because President Obama increased the number of troops in Afghanistan because President Bush failed in the goal of capturing or killing Osama bin Laden. If Bush wasn't a failure, then President Obama wouldn't have to clean up the mess that was left behind.

LiberatedWoman | 11 Minutes Ago

Some people have no shame. Your commentary hits the nail on the head calling out the person who behaves so despicably. I wonder if he got banned from FreeRepublic and has nothing better to do than take his wrath out on this Website?

Thorin | 39 Minutes Ago

Burn in hellfire, you traitor. Thorin

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May 03, 2012
No doubt this blog has the blograts so furious she may not be able to enjoy her government funded food, LOL.