by HellFire
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For the last week or so I have sat by and watched vicious attacks upon myself and other blogers. Apparently the editors have given leeway in relation to content. I shall capitalize on that.

I do not care if you and the other twit are the same being but the information is convicting. I know the truth and you know I do. 

You attack others and myself without consequence; let us see how you like the truth about you.

The truth is that you have been shown a liar many, many times such as your 401k, your vacation, jobs, your income investing and so many more.

Your latest few are Sam asked for a handout. He told you he went to a website where suppliers and customers were put together. In fact, you are the one that posted the site. Sam is correct in that you are envious of his success. What your kind cannot understand is reserves of money. That can be many forms and explanation would be wasted as your kind spends every penny you have and fail to set money aside. It eats you alive and permeates every minute of your day and existence. I love it!

Another lie you told is about your job, we have been over this before and now you are a caregiver. That in itself is a subsided position. I don’t believe you anyway after exposing your lies for years now. You cannot defend that truth and you know it.

You will just move onto another lie soon hoping people will forget all the lies you have been caught in, just like the illegal alien American hating POC muslim.

Socialism under any definition is state or government controlled society. You like the idea because you are too lazy and a sloth to work and just want handouts. It does not work like that. Russia along with other countries admits it does not work. You just got caught posting you support socialism and now try to get out of the statement with rhetoric.

Yes, look how you attacked that Eagle Ford oil boom, typical of your kind to hate people who receive what they deserve. Where is all the pollution of which you cried and whimpered? LOL @ U!!!!

Only a selfish low life scumbag would hate people for becoming wealthy off their lands.

You deserve a ticket to Iran, one way.

You defend homosexuals as good things, and then you call Sam and me gay in a negative attacks. So which is it, do you support the abominations to God or not? You’re exposed again.

Now post your one line childish single celled brain posts with some flea bitten stinking mangy cat picture for that and only that is in the realm of your capabilities.


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