Obama (Quivering) Twittering?
by HellFire
 Obama Twittering???
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Obama is so desperate he is going to have a twitter town hall meeting!!
This is an unprecedented and revealing act by the American hating muslim. 
What is obama going to lie about now, the economy, which is far worse off than when he took office? 
Jobs perhaps, obama claims his stimulus program created or saved 2.4 million jobs.  Obama promised he was pro education and his stimulus would save thousands of teaching jobs which it did not. This shows how far obama is willing to go to deceive America. 
Truth is that over half of the jobs the muslim claims credit for are temporary government not private sector jobs. Obamas stimulus cost each American $278.000.00. 
Obama stated he would not take one dime from or help lobbyists get jobs as long as he is in the white house. Maybe he will explain how why he appointed dozens of lobbyists to his administration.
Maybe obama will explain why his promise that government workings, bills and legislation that end up on his desk will be online for 5 days before he signs them never developed.
How about obamas promise to broadcast government negotiations on CSPAN not behind closed doors?
Will he explain his statement “My muslim religion”?
Perhaps obama can explain why he took the national debt from 9.86 trillion to 14.467 trillion and counting.
Will obama explain despite overwhelming evidence the Taliban is responsible for the times square bombing he refuses to put his friends, the Taliban on the terrorist list.
Possibly, he will explain obamacare. Obama stated on 5/09/2010 that obamacare was already helping millions by tax breaks and assistance for families and small business. Truth is most major employers will drop healthcare coverage and small businesses will be buried in government paper work. Medical professionals will seek other occupations due to the caped compensation. Obama knows his healthcare cannot be funded from the sources he lists. There is no way obamacare can be funded, period. 
Will he explain his statement on July 28, 2009 that there will be no discussion on capital hill to reduce medicare benefits and then obama asked for 313 billion in cuts to medicare, medicaide and other healthcare programs to pay for obamacare? 
This is just a very small list of how obamacare will destroy the best health care system in the world!
Obama proclaimed he would not use earmarks. Can he explain why he has employed their use readily in his legislation?
Will obama address his promise that those who make under $250.000.00 will not see their federal income, withholding or capital gains taxes increase by one single dime. Obama stated the one thing we should not do is increase taxes on the middle class in this economy. 
Can obama explain his ties to the reverend that proclaimed “Goddamn America”?
We shall see…

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