Out of Wedlock Births
by Saltpork
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Wednesday's Bee Pic Birth Announcements show ten new babies born.  None appear to have a Mom and Dad with the same last name. 

Nothing new here.  Happens all the time.  It has become acceptable to give birth with in the early teens, no job, no education and no child rearing skills.  The new Moms are often following in the footsteps of their Mothers. 

Who needs a job when you have a child and receive more in welfare benefits than if you were working fulltime?  Welcome to Obama's world.  The entitlement President.  Let the working man and woman support these new, potential Democratic voters.

Obama, the Muslim, hates America. 

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April 05, 2012
After a 14 year decline in teen pregnancies, we've seen a recent bump up in unwanted teen pregnancies. More than ever it seems important to support Planned Parenthood, contraception and education for teens looking for love in all the wrong places. Broken homes, abusive parents, drugs and alcoholism, unemployment, depression - all lead to teen pregnancies. Public education and couseling (private and government funded), or peer counseling (free),. These are just a few suggestions.

Salty. It's one thing to complain about it, and I think your subliminal message is more along race lines, but what's your solution, aside from the sanctity of a shotgun wedding?

ps- I like the secret comment code below, "bsclown" - is Jason messing swith you?