Parents Do not let your children become a victim of Public Schools
by DawnW
 School Punishment too extreme
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I must be honest and tell you I had no idea this matter even existed until my daughter got in trouble. Now my eyes are wide open and I am trying to warn other parents before it happens to them. Educate yourself parents and do not blindly accept the school handling punishment. If your child has to go to court, make sure you fight it all the way, first they need to pled innocent, and at the very least ask for deferred adjudication.  Other wise this will haunt them the rest of their life.

Here is part of a story with the link to the full story. If reading these stories rankle your feathers GOOD! You need to get angry, and stand up for your kids! Do not allow school officials to ruin your childs life!

Tommy laid his head on his desk while the teacher was instructing the class in a new chapter from the math text book. Tommy is in the sixth grade and is 11 years old.  Last night his Mother was rushed to the hospital during an emergency and he did not get to bed until very late. Today he is tired and anxious about his Mother. While his head is on his desk, he fell asleep. He was awakened abruptly by a uniformed police officer standing beside his desk.


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February 14, 2011
Go to the following page, about halfway down is recent videos, watch the first one. The girl sprayed perfume on herself in class, because other girls were teasing her. She got a ticket. It goes on to say how these tickets may prevent students from getting accepted into colleges.