Party Time in Austin!
by LiberatedWoman
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The Texas Republican Party is throwing a fundraiser tonight featuring the state's big three GOP leaders--Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus and "many of our statewide elected officials and state legislators."  It's a chance for lobbyists and anybody else with interests before the state to spend some quality time with influential policy makers, who will benefit from the fundraising the next time they seek office.

For $25,000, there is dinner for ten, access to a private VIP reception before dinner and photos with the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker.  For $15,000, the same deal applies for six.  Meanwhile for $1,000 you will get dinner, but none of the trimmings.  Hopefully, the registered lobbyists from our area don’t have any conflicting plans this evening.

Not to be left out, Texans for Lawsuit Reform is sponsoring "Girls Night Out" on March 10 for all women legislators, legislative spouses and female staffers.  "Join us for good times galore:  Manicures, pedicures, chair massages and more," says the invitation for the evening to be held at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.  Among lobby groups, TLR is one of the biggest spenders of campaign contributions.  The group advocates curbing lawsuits against business denying citizens their day in court in order to maximize profits.

Unfortunately, LiberatedWoman did not receive an invitation to either event (I’m disappointed).  The real question though is when can we expect our legislators to stop schmoozing with the lobbyists and get to work to provide the basic services needed in this state?

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March 17, 2011
Yes, my posting was offensive. Now you know how I feel when you or one of your cohorts carries on like a child.

With your SEER training I would have expected at least some agreement on the shenanigans carried out by the Bush folks over "Shock and Awe-shucks" and Tora Bora. What I got was a complete dismissal of the facts. I mentioned all that, because those are the people you seem to believe are the wealthy good guys, who give Americans all the jobs. I disagree. A need or demand by consumers creates jobs. Wealth creates nothing; although you can become wealthy if you fill the consumer's need or demand. You put the cart before the horse.
March 17, 2011

Boy, you have completely ripped a new one in the boys from the frat house. Even country can't sit down (Must explain his previous outburst about getting anusalated by you).

Just kidding, as in who cares? I wanted to see what it felt like to be 21 again- boring is what I get. The cheerleading by the screwballs is so childish. These guys need to post something worthy of discussing that isn't about Obama LYING!

March 17, 2011
I just re-read some of H-boy's comments and was astounded that I had missed an important quote from him, in where he says he going to enjoy "this fine Spring Break" day with a latte..or something along those lines.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't thought about a Spring Break since high school (I never got a Spring Break in college as I was married).

He IS a college student, isn't he? Hasn't accomplished squat except attend classes at the local jr. college and pester us adults with his childish outbursts about grammar and spelling. When you get a few years out of school, Hell-child, you'll forget about grammar and punctuation too-- there's bills to pay.

I knew his posts were sounding very immature -- maybe his dad works for Homeland Security or something, but this guy isn't much past the age of 21.

Pretty good grammar, spelling and punctuation for a 21 yr. old though.
March 16, 2011

Here's some more information on the folks that Heel-boy seems to think care about us little people so much. I wonder why they're not afraid of radioactive fallout--I guess money trumps everything.

Just about all American military bullets, 120 mm tank shells, missiles, dumb bombs, smart bombs, 500 and 2,000 pound bombs, cruise missiles, and anything else engineered to help our side in the war of us against them has Uranium in it. Lots of Uranium.


In the case of a cruise missile, as much as 800 pounds of the stuff. This is how much radioactive uranium our guys, representing the citizens of the United States, let fly in Iraq. Turns out they used about 4,000,000 pounds of the stuff, give or take. That is a bunch.


Now, most people have no idea how much Four Million Pounds of anything is, much less of Uranium Dust (UD), which this stuff turns into when it is shot or exploded. Experts have calculated the number of radioactive atoms in the Nagasaki bomb and compared it with the number in the 4,000,000 pounds of uranium left in Iraq from the 2003 war. How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal the Radiation loosed in the 2003 Iraq war? Answer: About 250,000 Nuclear Bombs.

Since the start of the 2nd Iraq war, Queen Elizabeth has received around $6 Billion in profits from selling uranium to her friends in the military industrial complex. She owns Rio Tinto mining in Australia. Needing a rail line to transport her crap to the world, she hired Halliburton to build it. The rail line ended at a seaport owned by GW's company, the Carlyle Group.

Meanwhile, high levels of depleted uranium (DU) were measured in the atmosphere in all of Europe, transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia. Scientists cited the U.S. bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan in 2001 and the “Shock and Awe” bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003 as one of the main reasons.

In the 1950s the British government established an air monitoring facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston, England to measure radioactive emissions from British nuclear power plants and atomic weapons facilities. They measured radiation in the British atmosphere after "Shock & Awe' to be 24x normal levels. Ironically, AWE was taken over by Halliburton, which at first refused to release key data as required by law.

Oh yeah, Heel-boy, I'm a scared little rabbit too, and so should you.

March 16, 2011
LiBWoman- Wow, someone had a little meltdown on the other blog. Not a pretty sight.

Here's a few paragraphs I found in the GW Bush Biography (Unauthorized version). It's all about control and power. And GW was concerned about a minimum wage of $4.00.

In 1901, the discovery of large oil deposits in Texas offered great promise for the future economic development of the state, but also attracted the Anglo-American oil cartel. The Baker family law firm in Texas, like the Bush and Dulles families in New York, was aligned with the Harriman-Rockefeller cartel. Robert S. Lovett, a Baker & Botts partner from 1882 on, later became the chairman of Harriman's Union Pacific Railroad and chief counsel to E.H. Harriman. The Bakers were prominent in supporting eugenics and utopian-feudalist social engineering.

James A. Baker III was born April 28, 1930, in the fourth generation of his family's wealth. Baker holdings have included Exxon, Mobil, Atlantic Richfield, Standard Oil of California, Standard Oil of Indiana, Kerr-McGee, Merck, and Freeport Minerals. Baker also held stock in some large New York banks during the time that he was negotiating the Latin American debt crisis in his capacity as Secretary of the Treasury.

James III became a boss of Houston's Andrews, Kurth, Campbell, & Jones law firm, a satellite of Baker & Botts. Baker's relation to Bush extends across both law firms: in 1977, Baker & Botts partner Blaine Kerr became president of Pennzoil, and in 1979, Baker & Botts partner B. J. Mackin became chairman of Zapata Corporation. Baker & Botts have always represented Zapata, and are often listed as counsel for Schlumberger, the oil services firm. James Baker and his Andrews, Kurth partners were the Houston attorneys for First International Bank of Houston when George Bush was chairman of the bank's executive committee.

Then there was the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller in 1973-74. One branch from North America, one branch from Europe, one branch from Japan, with the resulting organism a kind of policy forum aiming at an international consensus among financier factions, under overall Anglo-American domination. The Trilateral Commission emerged at the same time that the Rockefeller-Kissinger interests perpetrated the first oil hoax. Some of its first studies were devoted to the mechanics of imposing authoritarian-totalitarian forms of government in the US, Europe, and Japan to manage the austerity and economic decay that would be the results of Trilateral policies.

March 15, 2011
After years of massive tax breaks for the wealthiest people in the history of humanity, we have seen a further concentration of wealth and a further erosion of the open market for employment and innovation. The 400 wealthiest people in the United States now control more wealth than 155 million people at the other end of the socio-economic spectrum combined. The tax cuts that were supposed to be given to the “supply side” were never given to the supply side at all, only to those that seek to own it.

Like I said.

The rest of your statement is truly sad. I was hoping your little vacation would have chilled you out a bit.