Satan Sandwich
by LiberatedWoman
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The staple diet of the masses.
The staple diet of the masses.

Okay everyone, it's time to memorize the ingredients since we will eating this meal over and over again. 

Thanks to the Republican austerity plan, the poor and the middle class will have to make do with the dregs that the Rethugs throw our way.  After all that is their way of life--contempt for anyone that doesn't contribute to their political campaigns or suscribe to their theocratic ideals.  Check out some of the conservative blogs on this Website if you need further evidence.


This blog (Satan Sandwich) is dedicated to the other prominent blogger on this Website whose screen name includes the place where Satan dwells.  After all, he wouldn't want to expel all of those people that he despises without sending them off with a good meal.

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August 11, 2011
Oh lookie lookie, I have my very own blog dedicated to me by liberatedSFAwoman…

How nice!!!