BDA makes no sense with Texas Mile policy
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It has come to my attention that recent BDA actions towards the Texas Mile may affect several of us in the automotive field in Bee County. With the request of a $50 million insurance policy, it seems as though they wish to rid Beeville of the event.

Why is BDA requesting such an outrageous insurance policy? What is so valuable at Chase Field requiring this policy? And why is BDA pushing such an economically-beneficial event away from Beeville?

The Texas Mile has brought our city a great source of commerce. I personally sat in a council meeting in support of the Texas Mile and do not understand how a board of appointed officials can demand such an outrageous price, not explaining why and not even bothering to listen to the concerns of our citizens? One member of the board seemed more interested in playing on her Ipad the entire time. In the end, this official voted down the decision to approve funding and then left angrily after she did not “get her way.”

Why should a racing event pay 10 times more than a Nascar event? This leads me to my next question. What is at Chase Field that requires a $50 million insurance policy? From my understanding, there is currently one aircraft parked at Chase Field, which is covered under its own insurance policy.

I have attended the Texas Mile three times since they came to Beeville, and I have not seen anything that would require such a high insurance policy. The airstrip is far enough away from any hangers that no unrelated property can be damaged from accidents. Spectators are placed in safe areas – barricaded by concrete barriers – and cannot be seriously injured. Also, most spectators are located before any high speed areas on the strip, so most accidents will be slowed down by grass and, in worst case scenarios, the concrete barriers. The insurance policy cannot be for the drivers, nor for their cars due to the requirement that all spectators and racers sign a waiver stating their understanding the risks of the event.

This leads to an obvious question: what can our tax dollars be better spent on? With a difference of $79,000 between the $50 million policy and the $5 million policy, I believe the difference could be better spent on repairing our decaying roads around our city. For example, some streets are showing signs of wear and tear, especially from constant water leaks from decaying pipelines.

In contrast to other events that bring large numbers of people into town, the Texas Mile has to be one of the most “well behaved” event to come here. Western Week, for example, brings in a large income, yet brings large, rowdy crowds. The same can be said with Diez y Seis and any popular music groups that come. I cannot count how many DUI incidents occur during these events, but the opposite is said of the Texas Mile.

Bottom line: this insurance policy does not make sense.

Darren Blankenship
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February 04, 2013
Darren, you nailed it. Montez has to go. Plain and simple. Also, don't forget about the awesome FedEx deal that was also turned down by our uneducated board. That was a huge deal that involved a huge number of jobs for citizens of Bee County.