26 Foolproof Ways to Annoy a Cat by DifferentView2
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26 Foolproof Ways to Annoy a Cat
by DifferentView2
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Option 5.
Option 5.
Option 15.
Option 15.
Option 16.
Option 16.
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Option 19.

If you want to annoy a cat but you’re at a loss for how to make it happen, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. With this handy, user-friendly guide, you can have that cat hissing and sulking in no time at all. A few tried-and-true methods include the ol' lollipop-stuck-to-fur ploy, the kitty exercise plan (see it to believe it!) and the classic lion-style haircut. But this gallery also examines a few more creative methods for the most devoted cat teasers. (What a great reason to have a baby!) Click through the photos at the link, and enjoy this educational trip into the world of angry cats.


1.      Give her an embarrassing haircut.

2.      Leave her out in the rain.

3.      Get a new cat … one that's cuter.

4.      Put her on an exercise plan.

5.      Get a puppy.

6.      Have a baby.

7.      Take him on a car ride.

8.      Try to make her more magical.

9.      Give him a bath.

10.   Suggest she needs dental work.

11.   Buy diet food and disguise it as a "present."

12.   Teach her stoopid tricks.

13.   Put the catnip where she can't reach it.

14.   Leave her alone with the toddler.

15.   Try to cook your dinner first.

16.   Threaten to get rid of the scratching post.

17.   Wake her up from her nap.

18.   Turn the hamper upside down so she can't sleep on the clean clothes.

19.   Put him in a stoopid costume.

20.   Make him wear a cone.

21.   Spend too much time on the computer.

22.   Dress her up for New Year's Eve.

23.   Listen to your iPod instead of playing with him.

24.   Put human food on his head.

25.   Take her on winter outings.

26.   Buy a cat leash.

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May 05, 2013


The rest of the pictures are at

http://now.msn.com/angry-cats-a-photo-gallery-of-ways-to-p i s s-off-a-cat

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