Birthers True and True
by LiberatedWoman
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Never gonna give it up...
Never gonna give it up...

I believe that the cartoon says it all.

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May 25, 2011
as this will likely disappear from the blog on which I posted it... thought i'd park it here so it wouldn't be removed...

Let me see...

You call the President an "illegal alien" - never mind that PEOPLE aren't illegal, only acts can be illegal - completely ignoring the screamed for LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE that proves otherwise.


You call the President a "Muslim" after you already know he's a Christian and you quote his very own pastor for year, Reverend Wright, in another rant.


That makes you both a LIAR and a RACIST. The fact that you repeat that phrase so often just exemplifies how deeply ingrained your bigotry is.

Vote Democratic Party in 2012 and end this tyranny of the GOP in Texas.

Read more: - Obama Caught Lying Again
May 24, 2011

I feel like I just kicked a yellow-jacket nest. Must've hit a sore nerve. Surely, no one (other than HF) still believes in that birther nonsense. I mean, how stubborn can a person be?

This Hellfire guy still thinks Vietnam was somehow not a stain on American history. The fact is that thousands did die, some thinking they were doing absolutely the right thing for their country; and that's the sad, tragic fact that the country we believed would never toss its citizens into the fire for political gain, did just that. Even Sec. of State Rusk, who started the war, has admitted his guilt. Nixon was impeached, Kissenger is still considered a war criminal - what more overwhelming proof does one need to admidt to being incorrect...more than incorrect - dead wrong.

Throw a tantrum? That's just clinically demented.
May 24, 2011
LW I think all the running hf can do is run off at the mouth.
May 24, 2011
I think most of us can read what hf writes and it is pure racist .That is hard to deny when it is right in front of you but he is so dumb he denies it anyway.