Bullying, harassment shouldn’t be tolerated
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It is going now on two (2) months that my wife and I have met with personnel from the KISD, Middle School, about continued bullying and harassment of our daughter who is in sixth grade by some girls in the eighth grade. I believe that certainly by the amount of complaining that we have done to the school district, something should have been done by now but apparently, nothing has been done. This matter has also been presented to the Kenedy Police, which I believe they do a great job protecting our community, and have seem to have been stalled due to this matter being a matter of a continuing school matter that the KISD has failed to resolve or has even made an effort, in our eyes, to put a stop to this matter. I our sincere opinion, this is why we believe that many children who are bullied either turn violent and/or commit suicide because of failure by school districts to do their jobs and prevent bullying and harassment in the school yards. Also, we believe that matter such as this should be reported to the TEA so that so entity can look at how poorly some of the school districts handle situations that are suppose to be handled before they get out of control. I am a graduate of this fine school district but cannot understand where things have gone astray where much bullying and harassment has been allowed almost to the point that such school district is almost allowing such activity happen. All we want is for these educators, which are fine educators, to do a little more on preventing these types of behavior from older school children upon younger school children before get pushed too far and perhaps do things that not only the parents will regret but the educators as well. Thank you for your time and understanding in this letter and do hope and pray that we can come to a quick resolution.

Roland Nunez
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