Campaigns over; let the cleanup begin
by Jeff Latcham
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With the primaries done save for the runoffs, we are left with the housekeeping of our community.

By that, we refer to the campaign signage that becomes nothing more than litter, post election. While it’s understandable that the candidate and his/her supporters are less motivated to pull signs down than put them up, it should be a function of pride whether they win or lose.

Speaking of refuse, is there anything more annoying than campaign robocalls? You know, that prerecorded propaganda that interrupts your dinner, your nap, your life.

Honestly, is there anyone so lonely that they actually listen to these things? If you listen all the way through, chances are you’re politically interested anyway and if you are, you quite likely already have your mind made up. So what’s the probability that votes are changed with this modern annoyance?

Also, have you noticed the favorite sound effect now in use on many of the television and radio ads? If you said “a screaming eagle,” you’d be correct. We don’t get it. We never voted for anyone based on sound effects.

You’d have to think the screaming eagle was tested on some poor audience somewhere:

“We have four sounds for you to consider: a horse whinny, a screaming eagle, a cat fight and popcorn in a microwave. Now tell us what makes you want to pull the lever?”

Having grown up with NAS Chase Field as Beeville’s neighbor, we always associated the sounds of A-4 engines firing up at dawn’s early light as the sound of freedom. Rev up some jet engines and we might vote for you, but we can’t promise it.

So congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to those who lost. Now clean up your signs and feel free to lie awake at night wondering what sound would make for an effective robocall.

We’d suggest the sound of no dial tone on your end.
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