Citizen concerned about planned new man camps
by Ronnie Morin, Concerned Parent
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One of the great privileges of living in the United States of America is that we have the opportunity to voice our opinion and concerns at will. Many times, we find ourselves in a situation where we have the opportunity to voice our opinion, but for various reasons, choose not to. I am exercising my right at this time by voicing my concerns over a potential new facility that is being considered in my neighborhood.

I live on School Road in Three Rivers, across the street from the Little League Field. It is my understanding that a new housing facility is being contemplated across from my home and the Little League Field. School Road has always been a busy road with school traffic. High School students use that road to travel to their lunch destination. Many kids walk from the school to their homes and travel that road alone. Youth practicing for athletic events often run that road alone. School Road is not only used to get from Hwy 72 to the school, city pool and Little League Field, now it is often used to bypass Hwy 281 traffic.

My concern is that if a new Man Camp or Oilfield Trailer Park is allowed to open at this location, it has potential of putting our youth in danger. Not only will it increase the already high volume of traffic that is using School Road, but it will also put many transient workers in close proximity of unsupervised youth. I realize that often these workers are screened for drug use, but how many of them are actually subject to a background check? How many sexual offenders might we have living in our midst, down the street from the school or public pool, or across the street from our homes and the Little League Field? The land in question is at most 50 feet from the Little League Field. I, for one, am not interested in putting my son or any other child in a potentially dangerous environment, when it can easily be avoided.

I understand that everyone wants to take advantage of our local economic situation, but, I am not willing to risk the safety of our youth so that someone else can benefit. I am hoping that others that feel this way will also voice their concern in hopes that this housing facility be moved to another, more suitable location. Although the land in question has not been annexed, I would also hope that our elected officials would hold the safety of our children in the highest regard if this matter should come before them.

Thank you.

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