County officials taking the easy way out
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No surprises here! As predicted, our elected officials chose to take the easy way out of the animal control chaos - close the facility rather than fix the problems. These animals may be better off fending for themselves in the open, as opposed to fending for themselves in the dirty confines of the ‘shelter’.

When Don Tmyrak says that complaining citizens were ‘misinformed’, he means these are the citizens who don’t buy the ‘spin’ put on the animal control situation and instead, rely on what they have seen with their own eyes, or experienced by having their pets seized and euthanized without due process. For any elected official to summarily dismiss input from the citizenry, whether that input is by phone calls, letters, or visits, most definitely does a disservice to the constituency and shows a disrespect and level of arrogance that puts our democracy to shame.

Whether the animal control facility had been changed to a pound or not, would not have remedied the multiple violations of Texas regulation that have been and currently are present, the lack of accountability of the animal control personnel, or the ridiculous organizational structure (a dog catcher reporting to a judge???).

The entire saga is, or soon will be, over. The animals may or may not lose, but the situation begs the question: If county elected officials cannot effectively and efficiently run A DOG POUND, how are they even remotely capable of handling the myriad of problems facing Karnes County? God help us!

Bea McClure
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