County: ‘No room at the Inn’
by W.H. Rayburn, USN retired Former president of Williamson Sr. Center Refugio
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One of our problems with County Commissioners Court is they are not representing the seniors of the county, namely the Williamson Senior Center. Shame on you all.

This is not a rentable facility like other county-owned properties. It is time the court, the judge, and elderly services wake up. Over 60 percent of the votes are seniors. Seniors pay county taxes.

There is no membership fee at the senior center, so all seniors are welcome. This is a non-revenue producing activity.

Weekends, and holidays, are when your seniors need fellowship the most. To treat this facility like a rental property is ludicrous as all the contents were purchased by the members of the Williamson Senior Center, not for rent, but for our senior citizens use.

A large percentage of voters of Refugio seniors, lived their lives here and raised a family here.

You recently didn’t allow the use of the facility by one member’s family to have a dinner there ­— even though the member contributed freezers, food, and had a devotion to the center. That person may or may have had a church affiliation but luckily, the deceased’s husband was a veteran that went to war for our country and was a loyal VFW member as well. He was also a past president of the senior center until his death.

The VFW provided space for the meal after his wife’s funeral. Thank you Mr. Brown.

I just think this county is capable of better treatment of its seniors and war veterans.

“No room at the inn,” comes to mind when we could have done better but chose not to do so.

This county commissioners court should stand for the seniors or, close the center, after all it will only affect the old people that brought you here.

This will be an agenda item on the commissioners court, according to the judge that will be held on the second or fourth Monday of the month. Supporters should be there. The peoples’ voice count.

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