Crying About Justice
by MiddleORoad
 Crying About Justice
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Look at the socialist liberal democrat cry about being the recipient of some long overdue justice, it's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too affraid to say anything to the editors the below shows what socialist liberals do;
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  Yes, three of the young women were sentenced for  criticizing Putin during their performance. And yes, I understand the  irony.

Censorship in any form undermines democracy and results in  dictatorships.

And in another ironic twist, I'll probably be banned on  Monday for posting that comment. I'd ROTFL, but when considering the overall  context of things it isn't funny because it shows how the media is trying to  manipulate this election.
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August 18, 2012
What do you expect from one that has been proven a liar, jobless, obese bloodsucker?

That kind will never come out from the safety of the internet to face reality or back up their big mouth.

No matter what you say or do nothing can motivate a coward to stand up for their actions, that's proven.

Really getting boring here, liberatedwomans years long obsession to get Hellfire name banned FAILED and liberatedwoman is BANNED and even under other names she is kept on the back pages away from people.