Democrat-Jackass Same Thing
by HellFire
 Democrat-Jackass Same Thing
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The Topic says it all.

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April 16, 2011
Never have I stated I support the rich and corporations. Like the dumbocrats, you and the blog rats are clueless (exception Lase) and assume much because of your single digit IQ. You cannot understand simple economics. What you support is the government taking care of you because you cannot compete with those that are willing to make themselves and their families a better life through hard work, education and sacrifice. In other words you are a lazy sloth blight on society. This is America and things like that do not happen beyond welfare and give aways, which are about to stop. Why don’t you move to a country that has that system.

If you were given $10k, a person of good moral character and ambition the same amount you would spend the money on cell phones, electronics and the unnecessary. The other person will have their 10k and most of your money. That is the way it is. I have posted a small portion of my investments, buys and exits, supplied factual docementation about what I post. All you have done is post what you read or hear and then proven a moron and liar with the truth. Latest example is “WI” elections.

My statement was “beached whale” I have never used that term to describe you, nor anyone else on this blog. You answered confirming you have been referred to in that text before in person because of your disgusting physical appearance.

I know of your morbidly obese slovenly, unsanitary vermin state of existence and you have now confirmed it for all to read. My story of the trip to the store surprised you as it hit home with you, truth hurts doesn’t it.

You continually display your hate for authority and the successful, which is iron clad proof of a society misfit, inability to realign with reality and simply stated a LOSER.

Your type is the cancer of which America now suffers that must be eliminated. You are in reality nothing but a whinny fat welfare stain with in all probability is without the capability of a single vote.

Your lower existence in society and influence is generational. The beached whale body is your choice. Overall, you are disgusting.

You answered nothing. However, you have supplied additional proof that you do not know what you post. You cannot find the part of the Ryan proposal you chose to lie about. Why, because you are dumb, which I show daily.

LMAO @ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!