Democrats Lie To Taxpayers
by HellFire
 Democrats Lie To Taxpayers
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Obama and the democratic party members still don’t get it! Americans are not Under Taxed. It’s a problem of government is to big and is over spending! This budget problem has mainly been caused by Obamas wild uncontrolled spending spree that started the day Obama took the oath of office.

In Obamas first 90 days in office, he {Obama} spent over $1.4 trillion Tax Payer dollars on bailouts. Bailing out the automobile industry, banks, housing industry and other financial institutions, both government and private. To top this off Obamas administration extended unemployment benefits from the normal 26 weeks to an unheard of 99 week benefit period. Adding billions more to the U.S. National Debt.

U.S. Federal Government employs about 3 million Americans. The 800 thousand number being thrown about as a number of federal employees that have been identified as ‘non-essential’ is only 1/4 {25 percent} of the entire federal employees being paid for by Tax Payers! {If there are 800 thousand ‘non-essential’ government employees, they should be sent their termination notice and sent to the back of the unemployment line.}

Contrary to what Socialist agenda democrats say, the U.S. government ‘Is Not’ being shutdown, it will simply be functioning with a reduced staff. Government shutdown is simply a democrat lie being told to Voters and Tax Payers {Why does the federal government need 3 million employees anyway?}
Dennis Ross, R-Fla., said he has no interest in penalizing federal workers and would vote to reimburse lost pay. {Tax payers will be forced to reimburse 800 thousand ‘non-essential’ government employees for days they stay at home, drink beer and watch Oprah on TV}.

Thought of the day:
Federal employees wages, salary and other benefits average $101,600 annually. Subtracting weekends and federal paid holidays, government employees are paid for 251 work days, costing American Tax Payers about $405 dollars a day for every U.S. Federal Government Employee. Pobet.

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