Don't Fall for the Lies from the Right
by YellowDog
 Don't Fall for the Lies
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Please take a few minutes of your time to weed through the campaign lies being sold to you by various bloggers on this website.

One blogger has spent years now decrying President Obama - making blatant bigoted statements almost daily about how the president is a socialist, muslim, undocumented alien out to destroy America.  

And now he has a blog with a picture of an African American gentlemen named Hiram Rhodes Revels, who was opposed by the Dixiecrats, Southern Conservative Democrats.

Mr Revels was a Republican before 1874 and then a Democrat. He derided the Republicans in a letterHere is what he had to say about Republicans at that time (November 6, 1875) while still a Republican in a letter to Republican President Ulysses S. Grant that was widely reprinted. In this letter,  Revels denounced Ames and the Carpetbaggers for manipulating the Black vote for personal benefit, and for keeping alive wartime hatreds. (

Did any one reading that particular piece think it was odd that all of a sudden this blogger who has been race-baiting, whose blogs and comments always contain the bigoted slurs against a sitting U.S. president, has posted pictures of the U.S. president as a witchdoctor,  and who never, ever signs off on any piece of writing without calling the president a muslim, illegal alien, socialist, communist whatever is suddenly defending African Americans against the ONLY political party that has ever worked in their self-interest?  They voted 95% for President Obama - why would you believe anyone who writes that kind of trash?

Do your own thinking.  Don't pay attention to Fox News or any people spouting misinformation and opinions that come from worldnewsdaily or the Drudge Report or Andrew Breitbart.

Read news for facts. Look at both sides.  Don't vote based on stupid catchphrases like "Death Panels are in Obamacare".  They want to scare you to vote against your own self interest.  You think things are bad now?  Think about how bad they were at the end of 2008 - that's your crystal ball.

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November 03, 2010
It's been awhile since I've blogged anything, but in this case I think that smartdude is correct.

In reference to Hellflicker's comment if anyone wants to find a sinner, they just need to look in the mirror. I know many sinners that voted for the GOP yesterday.

How's the weather in Edna, Jackbox?
October 26, 2010
This country is turning into Yugoslvia after Tito. I don't care who runs this place, just do a good job. The Conservatives ran things long enough and did a crappy job-just look at the mess it left Obama. Is he doing a good job? Maybe -only time will tell.

I like Teddy Roosevelt. He had courage to take on anyone who was not working in the interest of the American people. Today that would include the health iIndustry, the military industrial complex and the many other greedy creeps making back room deals for personal gain.

If Obama can or can't take on the special interests ruining this country, then his victory or defeat will be all his. I'm willing to give him and the Democratic congressmen and women a couple more years to make this a better place. I just wish the opposition would give a little effort towards that goal also.

My request for Obama or anyone else running this joint? Quit bankrupting this country on expensive, offensive weapon systems, shut down the dozens of military bases spread throughout the globe, make it illegal to form or pay private contractors to fight our wars or for our armed forces to conduct war outside the continental borders of this country. We have a border problem? How about bringing home the troops and protect our borders for a start?

57% of our budget spent on this junk. We wouldn't even have a deficit if we just eliminated 25% of this destructive behavior.
October 26, 2010
hellfire you should be the one worried when you stand before the Almighty
October 25, 2010
Obvious you are partaking of mind-altering drugs and your sinful deviate Godless ways have rotted what you call a brain. Remember what awaits you when standing before the Almighty.