Don’t let crises shatter relationships
by Susan Nelson
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I shouldn’t have fussed when she broke the egg. It wasn’t the last one I had.

I am, after all, blessed to have a refrigerator with more than a dozen of them.

Later, when she broke the jar, and I pulled her from the wreckage on the counter and the floor, I was more worried about her getting hurt on the broken glass. Then, I saw her chin fall to her chest and I had to explain why I was upset.

The jar? It was empty and taking up space in the cabinet. I told her I was worried she might get hurt on the broken glass, and, no matter how hard we tried, all the glass would not be found right away. Some would remain.

Later, as I rushed to the bathroom with a bleeding foot, I called for her assistance in bandaging my foot and she witnessed the results of miscellaneous shards of glass. They all wanted to help me, but having five children in my kitchen was counterproductive and I couldn’t move without stepping into someone and I sent them out.

Sweeping the floor, putting their toys up, and setting the table was not on their list of ways to help with the onslaught of diners. There were only 11 of us gathering this time instead of the usual 20 or more, but I still have expectations for the meal and the house.

Despite my fussiness, she was the lone one who stuck by me the entire day, setting the table, directing her brothers, and helping me with the food preparations. Whatever I asked of her, she did her best to help me.

So I am looking for the scripture to explain about lifting each other up and I came across this: “Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another. Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food.” (Romans 14:19-20)

Ooooh, this one seems to fit along with our season of meals, baking, gatherings, and such. I think I need to explain a few things to the kids about my expectations so they will at least have a clear picture.
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December 02, 2012
Point taken.