Election draws hate messages on Facebook
by Frank Hosey, Refugio
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Have people gone mad or what? I have never seen so much hatred as I have since this election.

People are saying things that are usually reserved for private rooms when in the company of people who think like them. Facebook has caused people to open up and show their true selves.

Stories and pictures of burning the President in effigy, lynching him and other terrible things are prominently displayed on their Facebook pages. One woman lost her job when she called him the N-word and hoped he would be assassinated.

It really hits home when you know the people who are displaying such vicious, venomous hate-filled garbage. I have seen a few of these things on the pages of people on my Facebook list. I don’t find these attacks to be funny at all.

On election night around midnight, a post from a former Refugio school board member came out that said, “I just made Kool-aid. Anybody want some?”

I don’t know if this was a reference to Black people liking Kool-aid or if he was talking about Jim Jones’ followers drinking the poisoned Kool-aid in Guyana.

Either way, it was not in good taste. Later on, he posted a cartoon of men crawling on the ground with each head stuck up the next man’s rear. The title says Democratic voters. His reply was “They’re recycling the Kool-aid.”

Again, folks, this is not funny. I wonder how proud his wife and two daughters feel about him.

In another instance, a Woodsboro teacher, who lives in Refugio, wrote that since the President was re-elected she may have to sell her home. She said that since he won she knows that the end of the world is closer than she previously thought.

She went on to enumerate the reasons foretelling the demise of time. She removed the post soon after I read it.

In another post she said “The crazy liberal half of America is fixing to see the REAL consequences to their “choice”... More jobless means more social welfare, bigger government and for Obama to be known as the new Obama Claus!”

As a teacher, she should not be sending these hateful opinions to her students. Teachers are supposed to promote positive messages. I think parents should make their children delete her from their Facebook. I wonder how her husband and two daughters feel about her messages.

I see so many of these people have signs that say all we can do is pray. I hope those prayers are for forgiveness for the nasty things that are being said because I don’t think God is pleased.

Remember He knows what is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social media.

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