Grievance hearing
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This article is concerning the grievance hearing that was dismissed by the Commissioners Court and regarding former Head Start director Alex Rodriguez. The grievances were filed by employees of that program.

Rodriguez resigned a couple of hours before the hearings were to begin. Commissioners Court refused to hear from employees regarding their grievances.

Rodriguez’s resignation shouldn’t have been accepted by Executive Director Anna Simo until the court made a decision based on information regarding the grievances.

Rodriguez had every opportunity to defend himself on that day. His resignation should have sent out red flags to every commissioner on that court that something was terribly wrong inside that program.

Instead, he was praised by Commissioner Carlos Salazar for doing good inside that program. How dare he praise that man after refusing to hear the complaints brought against him?

These employees followed a chain of command, and yet, their freedom of speech was silenced by the court. What good is the chain of command when there are too many links broken inside the chain?

I find the court’s decision unacceptable. What if I shoot or kill somebody? Are the police going to let me go because I throw away the gun?

I worked inside that program for five years. I have more than 30 legal pads and notebooks of documentation regarding behaviors of the Beeville Head Start program.

It’s time for the Commissioners Court to clean up the Beeville Head Start program and listen to those voices that are trying to be heard.

I would really like to thank Commissioner Eloy Rodriguez in his efforts to help those employees have their voices heard by the court. It clearly demonstrates humanity on his part – something that is lacking in so many people today.

In the near future, Commissioners Court needs to refrain from personal comments until all parties have been heard.

If Mr. Rodriguez was so worthy to be praised, he would have been inside that court defending his honor and life’s work in that program. He quit, so Commissioners Court followed behind him and quit on those employees who needed to be heard that day.

Thank you,

Joyce L. Wood

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