Heat snuffs out life of Bayside man
by Kenda Nelson
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Morris Donald “Bubba” Clawson of Bayside was found unconscious on a road in Mission River Oaks on Aug. 6 but later died in a Victoria hospital. A heat stroke is being blamed for his death.
Morris Donald “Bubba” Clawson of Bayside was found unconscious on a road in Mission River Oaks on Aug. 6 but later died in a Victoria hospital. A heat stroke is being blamed for his death.
BAYSIDE — Heat stroke is believed to be the cause of a Bayside man’s death last week.

Moris Donald “Bubba” Clawson, 46, was alive but unresponsive when deputies and EMS paramedics found him lying on a road at Mission River Oaks on Aug. 6.

Several residents who live in the rural area along the banks of the Mission River called the sheriff’s department to report a man staggering and walking “loopy.”

Deputies Ron Ramirez and Glen Grashamwere dispatched to investigate and found Clawson unconscious but breathing. His temperature was highly elevated. Clawson was transported to Refugio Memorial Hospital before being transferred to a Victoria hospital.

“My first concern was how he got from Woodsboro, where he was working as a carpenter, to Mission River Oaks,” said Sheriff Robert Bolcik.

Investigators at the sheriff’s department began to track his movements.

“We had eye witnesses who saw him at 1:36 p.m. on Wranosky Road,” Bolcik said “He was also seen going into Haertig’s where he bought a beer. Two eye witnesses saw him walking into Mission River Oaks at about 2:30.”

The Clawson family is heartbroken with unanswered questions. Denesa Reni Clawson, Bubba’s sister, is perplexed about why he was in Mission River Oaks.

“As far as I know, he had no friends or acquaintances there and it’s a long way to walk from Woodsboro,” Reni said.

“Bubba was picked up to go to a job in Woodsboro,” Reni said. “He had a disagreement with his boss who thought Bubba took some money. His boss ran him off. Then he found his money.”

Later that afternoon, Reni says the boss called looking for Bubba.

“He said he wanted to apologize to Bubba,” Reni said. “I told him I’d tell Bubba when he got home but he never made it back.”

Reni wonders why he walked three miles from Woodsboro to Mission River Oaks when his best friend lives near his work site in Woodsboro.

“If he knew anybody out there, I don’t know who it is,” Reni said.

Also troubling are the bruises found on Bubba’s chest.

Yet, the coroner said blunt force trauma did not cause his death, according to the sheriff. Also, no bruises were found on his legs, ruling out that he was hit by a vehicle.

Reni also wonders if he was knocked unconscious and driven to Mission River Oaks and dumped out.

“My brother was honest, gentle and quiet,” Reni said. “When they found him, he still had on his tool belt.”

His sister said Bubba never argued with her, even as a kid. His untimely death has too many unanswered questions.

“My father said, we’ll just have to let God sort it out,” Reni said.

He is the son of Jo Ann and Morris Don Clawson of Cuero.

Funeral services are set at 2 p.m., Saturday at First Baptist Church in Bayside. The family will hold a private burial service at a later date.

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August 19, 2012
This was a tragic event for the community and most of all his family. WHY would you use a head line like that. You make it sound like it was a Mob hit. You could have used most any other word than "snuffed". "Taken", comes to mind.

Just crass and callous disregard for the families feelings. A pattern I have noticed as of late.

William Albert