Let's Talk Entitlement Programs
by Saltpork
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Many years ago there was a Government sponsored program that provided "commodity" food products to needy people.  The Great Society President, Lyndon Johnson, turned this in to the Food Stamp Program.  Do I have my basic facts correct?

Today it seems we provide entitlements to just about anyone too lazy to work.  Oh sure, needy people are still being helped.  The elderly who need help, the sick and infirm who need help, mothers with young children who need help all benefit from the entitlement programs paid for with taxpayer dollars.  I guess my question is when did we start paying for cell phones, tattoos, piercings, cars, jewelry, boy friends, multiple new babies and a host of other unnecessary things? 

If I stood outside my front door and offered free money to all comers I believe the line down the street would be never ending.

I do know there are politicians who use the entitlement programs to purchase future votes for themselves.  They don't do this directly but they do it as a promise for the future to support increased benefits if elected and reelected.

Let's vote these bums out of office and get the bums off entitlement programs so we can continue to help the truly needy.



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