Lying, contradicting, covering up
by Amelia Lara Refugio
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I used to travel to dialysis with my sister until she passed away. After that, I went to Elderly Services for help with transportation.

I told them I was on dialysis and they knew, without a doubt, that meant long term.

I was going to Victoria but (Edith) Collins constantly hounded me about moving my treatments to Beeville. She also tried to pry me off onto my family members in Victoria, telling me to stay with my sisters.

She didn’t understand nor care that they have lives and families to take care of at home.

One day Collins picked me up and said they would no longer take me to dialysis so I went to Rene Mascorro’s office with my daughter as a witness and talked to him face-to-face.

He said, “Amelia, they started taking you and they will continue to take you, you have my word.”

As a judge, he knew better. He’s not stupid. He knew it was long term and it didn’t seem to bother him then.

Since the day I went over Collins’ head, she picked and picked at me and made any excuse she could come up with not to take us.

At one point, she had Beeville Van Services pick me up in Victoria and bring me to Refugio, which, honestly showed how smart she was and that it made no sense at all. But that was just Collins being demanding.

Finally, I moved to Beeville Dialysis Center but it didn’t help because Collins still was complaining and was going to do whatever she needed to get her way, like she always does, like when she pushed a sweet, elderly lady, Mrs. Viola Canchola, and when she locked out the members of the Senior Citizens Center.

Makes you wonder who would take up for a person with behavior like that. But low and behold - that one person would be our county judge who finally gave Collins what she wanted which was not to face us anymore.

Mascorro claims it was due to budget and too much money being spent on us. Yet, by cutting us three dialysis patients, it would allow him to serve more people so, honestly, Mascorro isn’t saving money at all. It really makes no sense at all.

Not to mention, you still take cancer patients and their treatments are no different than ours. So, if you look at the big picture, it’s discrimination against just three dialysis patients.

Plus, there’s also a lot of lying, a lot of contradicting and covering up, not to mention someone hiding behind Collins’ skirt. (People) need to start thinking with their heads, not what you sit on.

Now, as far as rude and demeaning behavior - that comes from all the drivers. One driver got mad because she was always told to stop speeding. All that came out of another driver’s mouth was the four-letter word and it wasn’t “love.”

So, if you’re going to try to cover up your actions, come up with better excuses than that. When it comes to light, of course the drivers are going to say what they need to say to keep their job.

As for the letter of policy agreements, I was forced to sign it. Collins called and threatened me. She said, “Amelia, I will not take you until you sign that paper. So, of course, when your life is in danger, you’re going to do what you have to do. That’s why I signed it - in order to get my treatments which is sad that Collins has to use force.

But that’s not her first time bullying people.

And last, as far as Facebook comments on this matter: Really, a grown woman using a website to talk about stuff she knows nothing about. It does not matter who is kin to who. What matters is what’s right and fair and most of all, if you’re going to be two-faced, be a woman about it, talk face to face, don’t be childish on Facebook.

Honestly, you people talking (on Facebook) don’t have a clue what it’s like to be on dialysis or know the feeling.

For all y’all, what it boils down to is taking up for an issue that’s not right and you know it.

Like the saying goes, who’s going to bite the hand that feeds them?

To all the public that has been there for me and backing me up, I would like to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most of all, Christie Kelley and the people she has gotten to help with driving us to dialysis. We really need more good-hearted people in this town like you!

And to the others, yes, you might have won the battle but you haven’t won the war.

There is a God.
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