No GED? Problem
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I read in Saturday’s paper (Oct. 27) that our elected officials want to lower the requirements for employment by the county. No GED or high school diploma will be required to get a job in the maintenance department, because the county “needs” workers.

This has to be one of the best screw-ups that has yet to be tossed around by the commissioners. It is a proven fact that high school graduates achieve more than non-graduates, make more money, will advance to higher levels and make better workers. Yes, those non-grads/non GED people need jobs also to support themselves... but at taxpayer support?

This definitely sends a message to the youth of our community, that it is all right to quit school/drop out, that reading and writing are not needed in the workplace to do a job or communicate. Most of these people cannot fill out a job application correctly or read and write English and comprehend instructional manuals for installation of parts and materials. They will always need someone in their area to point and tell them what to do. They will not be able to advance to higher job positions, unless those requirements are also lowered, and so on. Would you want someone working on your plumbing or electrical system that is not trained or does not have the required state license? Someone not certified watching your children while you are at work? Or operating a vehicle that is maintained by someone who has no formal education in that area? Lowering requirements can lead to a Pandora’s box.

I am not against these people getting a job, but they know what is needed to move along in life and make things better in their job hunting and skill improvement. If they want to advance, all they need to do is “obtain” that GED or high school diploma, and there are ways to do it. It is their choice. We can offer and show them the path, but they alone will have to walk it. Our elected officials have a duty, both county, city and state, to lead our youth in the right direction. That direction is success in life. Give them the leadership and means they need to reach that goal. Set the example! Maintain the requirements.

Edd Kane

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November 03, 2012
Another step to "dumb down" the system.