No justice in Beeville?
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Greetings to everyone. I regret having to write this letter, because it’s in regard to law enforcement. About three months ago, I accidentally left my checkbook at the checkout counter in a local store. I’m not careless about important things, but I was feeling ill. I went back to look for it and was informed that the person in line “after me” had taken it.

Yes, I am upset; I immediately reported this to the police department and also made a trip to the bank to change my checking account number (I was taking all kinds of precautions to protect myself). I had already sent checks off for payments, so those would come in on my closed account. I pleaded with the bank to work with me in regards to my problem. They did not do it. It was not their problem my checks were returned to those businesses. I had to pay a fee for the returned checks plus another fee because then my payments were late. No consciences for some people.

It was a big upsetting mess. As if this were not enough, the people at the store said that the person who took my checkbook had been back in the store, but it’s not up to them to do anything about what happened to me. The police department has a video from the store. They too know who the thief is, but they are sitting on the case. Between the store, the bank and the BPD, we have some happy thieves out there. That’s what I call elderly abuse.

I am almost 69 years old and in poor health. I live on $718 a month – as they say, a “Ramen noodle budget.” I am hurting financially and this problem is putting a real mental strain on me.

What’s going on in Beeville? No justice?


Ortencia C. Cantu

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