Precinct 3 residents unhappy with dump site closure
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GOLIAD COUNTY – Precinct 3 County Commissioner Jim Kreneck denied that his closure of the dump site near Weesatche has anything to do with “political pouting.”

Several Precinct 3 residents have expressed frustration and suspicion of the timing of Kreneck’s closure of the dump site. Kreneck, who has served as county commissioner for 12 years, was narrowly defeated by Ronald Bailey in the July 31 Republican primary runoff election. One day later, the dump site was closed.

Two Precinct 3 residents, Vickie Borgfeld and Randy Luker, said they heard before the election that Kreneck had told his constituents that he would close the dump site if he was not re-elected. Both originally thought he was joking or misquoted, but have sense become suspicious after the dump site closure.

“We heard about two weeks before the election that he said if he didn’t win, he would shut the dumpster down,” Borgfeld said. “That Wednesday morning, the dumpster was closed.

“At that time, there was a sign there saying it was full. It can only be full for so long, because a big truck comes and picks it up once a week. Now we’re going on three weeks and the sign still says it’s full. But (Kreneck) keeps telling people it is broke.”

“I think he really said it,” said Luker, a 20-year resident of Weesatche. “I think everyone took it as kind of a joke. I took it initially as him just mouthing off. But as soon as the election was over, the gate was shut. There was a sign placed there saying the dumpster was full.”

Kreneck said Friday that the dump site was closed due to maintenance issues and could be reopned this week.

“I’ve got parts on the way,” Kreneck said. “It was operating in an unsafe condition. When you would open the door, the machine would not cut off. If somebody was to open the door and have their hand in there and someone else activated it, it could cut an arm off.”

Kreneck denied allegations of sour grapes.

“No, there is not any truth to that,” Kreneck said. “There’s all kind of stuff going on. It’s a political attack against my integrity.”

Some Precinct 3 residents invited Kreneck to attend a meeting in Weesatche on Aug. 14 to discuss the dump site issue. Borgfeld attended the meeting.

“Commissioner Kreneck knew about this meeting, obviously, because he sent his wife, Janet, there,” Borgfeld said. “If eyes could kill, I wouldn’t be here right now. She laid into me. I’ve always liked Jim. We’re just wanting to get rid of our trash.

“I asked Janet why Jim wasn’t at the meeting and she said, ‘He has zillions of phone calls to make.’ ”

Borgfeld said Kreneck has refused offers from residents to provide the parts and repair the dumpster. Borgfeld said she would like to know if Kreneck has any intentions of repairing the dumpster, so she can contract a trash pickup service until Kreneck’s term expires in January.

“I’m not trying to do anything political to Jim,” Borgfeld said. “I just want him to do his job. This just seems like case of political pouting. He has four months in office. We’re stuck here with trash piling up and a possible burn ban in the future.

Luker echoed Borgfeld’s sentiments.

“We don’t have anywhere to dump our trash,” Luker said.

“This is horrible for an elected official to act like a little baby or something. And I voted for him.”
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