Republican Wonks.
by DubiousForever
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Wonk – Definition Of A Wonk – Wonk is apparently the word of the day. Wonk which is a noun can defined as a person mainly a politician who is deep into a subject or an issue. For example the term policy wonk is used to explain people who study a specific subject or issue in a thorough and excessive manner. The word wonk like many other words found in the dictionary has multiple meanings. Wonk can also be defined as homosexual. Wonk also means white person in Australia. Additionally wonk is used to describe people who are boring or individuals with no social lives.

Wonk is another way to say ugly or unattractive. As you can see Wonk has many definitions so be cautious when applying it- it could be a compliment or an insult.

Note:  In Britain it is pronounced wank, as in wanker...LOL!

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August 19, 2012
Yep, they're wonkers...LOL!