Response to ‘hater’ letter
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Response to “Hater” article. Once in a while, I read “Letters to the Editor” and occasionally chime in with an opinion of my own. Just recently, I came across one titled, “To all the haters” and knew it was worth responding to. This author was less than objective and placed everyone who doesn’t agree with his/her opinion in the same category. One cannot assume people who voted for Mitt Romney actually hate President Obama.

Perez also associates haters with Christianity. Does Beeville have any Muslims, Jews, Hindus, atheists or others who voted for Romney? Are they haters too? Then there’s the assertion that these same people hate the needy. Based on what factual information does Perez make this claim? Has Perez conducted a survey of these people and received an affirmative response, or is it just an assumption?

Let me offer my thoughts and, hopefully, it will shed light on what really irritates people — especially the taxpayers: First off, if you don’t work, you’re not a taxpayer. If you get back more money than you pay in, you’re not a taxpayer. That being said, billions of taxpayer dollars go to social programs, whether citizens want them to or not.

And, as Perez should know, social programs are geared toward needy people. The current argument in Washington involves the wealthy paying more taxes as opposed to cutting government spending, which includes social programs. Unfortunately, Congress has yet to invoke their constitutional power and levy taxes in an equitable fashion. In my opinion, taxes should be based on what you make, without exemptions or deductions — no exceptions. Not only do the wealthy pay their fair share, so does your low-income worker. The collection of taxes should be just like sales tax — the more money involved, the more taxes you pay. Of course, my opinion won’t get traction, because the majority of wealthy American’s are Republicans and the majority of not-so-wealthy Americans are Democrats.

That being said, Congress is made up of mostly Republicans and Democrats, neither willing to compromise. In fact, we can’t get them to agree on anything. So, Perez was right by stating that President Obama didn’t deliver on all his promises. But, that’s no different than any other president who’s held this office — including President George Bush. As far as giving credit where it’s due regarding terrorism and war, let me tell you that presidents don’t go to war and very few public officials do either. When Perez suggests the president should have received credit over the Navy Seals, he/she needs to have the cranium examined. The Navy Seals risked their lives — not the president. Truth be told, any sitting president would have made the same call if they knew Bin Laden’s whereabouts. What upsets many taxpayers is the “entitlement” mentality. Some people feel it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of them. These same people quit school, refuse to work or have more kids than they can support. There’s a difference between being needy and being irresponsible.

David Abildgaard

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December 16, 2012
If you get back more money than you pay in, you’re not a taxpayer.

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Are you describing the needy or the ultra-rich?

Unfortunately, Congress has yet to invoke their constitutional power and levy taxes in an equitable fashion.

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And THAT'S the problem.

There’s a difference between being needy and being irresponsible.

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One is caused by being poor and the other by being ultra-rich.

December 19, 2012
December 16, 2012
Mr. Abildgaard's letter, although written a bit more polished than Mr. Perez's still sails all over the map in regards to issues. And I must say, that after years of reading posts and blogs on this site I believe he is wrong when he states that those voting for Romney actually hate Obama...they do hate Obama. (Well, many do at any rate.)

Point 2: Hating non-Christians. Sorry, we do, as evidenced on our war on terror and by lumping all Muslims together as our enemies.

Pont 3: Working and paying taxes. I agree that everyone should pay tax. Taxing even the most pitiful salary will end this "taker" issue the right so loves to throw around. Maybe there should be a "pain meter" to measure just how much tax actually causes harm to one's ability to clothe and feed oneself. Hard-working low-income folks might end up paying $100, where the super-rich...pain with them might start at around 50% of their $24 million dollar a year salary.

And lastly, because it is Sunday and my CD is finished burning, everyone needs to realize that they're on their own. Go to school, stay off drugs, be a good person and help our less fortunate fellow citizens. Knock off the "tall-poppy" syndrome so popular amongst teenagers and get smart. And as the comic genius Red Foxx said, "life is hard, and when you're dumb, it's harder."
December 15, 2012
Great response, Mr.Abildgaard. I would only add a response to his comment about Romney's failure to reach out to women and Hispanics. The conservative message is for all Americans. To tailor a message for a specific ethnic group or gender is, in my opinion, racist, sexist and demeaning.
December 15, 2012
Mr. Abildgaard, you are absolutely right. When I saw that letter, I, too started drafting a response, but there were so many things wrong and innacurate with it that my letter turned into a novella, and I just erased it. You hit the nail on the head in a way I couldn't.