Sermon of the week: Prophet proclaims good news
by Russ Duggins, Deacon. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
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Many of us have a tendency to believe that a “prophet” is someone who can predict the future. In Old Testament times, some prophets did know the future. However, being a prophet has a much broader call. A “prophet” is to proclaim the “good news” of what God has done and what He is prepared to accomplish. When we look at it in this way, we can see that each of us is called to be a prophet at our baptism.

Does this sound scary to you? It does to me! However, we don’t have to worry for we have dwelling in our heart, the same Spirit who empowered Ezekiel, Isaiah, Elijah and all the others. We have all that we need to become a prophetic voice in our home and community!

A word of caution, however! A prophet speaks God’s word, and that word comes from the Holy Spirit, not just from the thoughts and images of the prophets own experiences. To become a good prophet, the best thing for us to do is open our hearts to the Holy Spirit more and more each day. As we learn to do this, we will begin to hear Him speaking to our hearts. This reminds me of a song sung by the Statler Brothers called, “Turn your radio on.” Unless we turn on our personal radios and are tuned into God’s frequency, we cannot hear what He is trying to tell us so we can pass it on. If we are totally tuned in, we will feel Him prompting us to speak to John or Jose or Delfina or Ann. And we will get a sense of what we should not or should say.

We can tell if we are getting the message from the Holy Spirit if we are given the sense that we are getting closer to our Lord Jesus and are filled with His love; we become more compassionate and kind or we become more courageous in talking about and promoting Jesus to others. If it leads us to be self-centered, fearful or frustrated, it’s more likely from the source of our being self-centered or from the evil in our world or from the Evil One. Even if the “good” thoughts come from our own mind, they wouldn’t hurt us. Yet, only in time and the “fruit” produced will tell where it really did come from.

God doesn’t make it hard for us to become prophetic. We just have to step out in faith and test the results. Believe it or not, we can really become a light for others by telling them about the abundant life that God has in store for them as well as us. In reality, we will be giving them a glimpse into the future with God in His kingdom.

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