Socialist Blograts Scared of Truth
by MiddleORoad
 Socialist Blograts Are Scared Of Truth
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Every time a reprobate is given a little rope they smoke it or hang their self. Admitted socialists ignore truths when they get in the way of their deception. Socialist blograts try to distort truths and history if allowed. Socialism dies in the light of exposure. Below SaltPork makes great points which are ignored. I will take the liberty of posting them and hope Saltpork don't mind. Here they are: Saltpork | 12 Hours Ago The Obama Secret Service immersed in prostitution scandals. The Obama Energy Department immersed in Solyndra-Fisker scandals. The Obama Justice Dept immersed in Fast&Furious - Black Panther scandals. The OBAMA GSA presidential appointees immersed in scandals. The OBAMA Safe Schools Czar immersed in NAMBLA pedophile scandals. The OBAMA Science Czar immersed in forced-abortion, forced sterilization scandals. Is there ANYONE in the Obama Administration that does not hate America? Is ANYONE in the Obama Administration NOT a filthy, scumsucking, lying, corrupt doushbag? Anyone? Read more: - entry Obama LIES About US Military Family Ties
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April 28, 2012

Bottom line is the some must copy, steal and employ plagiarism in attempts to keep up. Example's are ample. they now copy you.

They have not the capacity or knowledge to explain their convictions beyond government giveaways and blindly following anti American enemies of America. Again examples abound.

Let us not forget an admission of being a socialist.

When confronted with truth they have the same old childish response, again ample examples are provided by them.

They provide many, many examples of their intellect. I refer to the latest when it was proven obama LIED when he stated his uncle, in the US Army tool part in liberating a concentration camp. PROOF supplied by youtube convicting obama making the statement was dismissed by them showing deceit, inability to accept truth and displaying lack of credibility.

There are many more examples such a SaltPork and other's exposing them.

Yes, you are correct that they will post some drivel with mangy cat pictures and imbecilic captions.

Remember, they are relegated, banished and forced out of the main view by the knowledgeable editors.
April 27, 2012
You're violating the user agreement you are always crying about.

You attacked me, under multiple names, now you whine and ball WHAAAA WHAAAAA WHAAA.

Why do you always run from Hellfires and SaltPorks posts when they have the truth that proves your blogs silly and false?

Isn't it kitty time or something? LOL