Socialist Liberal Exhibits Extreme Paranoia
by HellFire
 Socialist Liberal Exhibits Extreme Paranoia
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Blogs full of intentional lies by admitted communist socialist liberatedwoman/dubios are growing as shown in the blogs below. Lies about other blogers and myself are prevalent.


Socialist Liberal Exhibits Extreme Paranoia Is Getting Worse

Socialist Liberal Exhibits Extreme Paranoia: 

While reading this, keep in mind that dubiousforever/liberatedwoman is the type that votes for the illegal alien American hating abomination to God in the White House.

Reading the below excerpts from a blogger using the name dubiousforever reveals this individual admits violating Bee Pic regulations for 4 years, using multiple names yet still blogging. 

What is very interesting is the extreme paranoia demonstrated in the comments. Admittedly, I have no training as a mental illness professional, however I can see serious mental issues revealed in the text as any intelligent person can readily see. 

The words of dubiousforever/liberatedwoman are not those of person who is rational, prudent or reasonably in control of their mental facilities.

Prevalent is the cry for help.





5 Hours Ago


Allow me to explain it to you HellFire. JOKING about "taking someone on a 15 mile boat ride" becomes a THREAT when one has such a boat. As for your other accusations, I AM DUBIOUS. Get over it. And stop stalking me. Why aren’t you in church?




5 Hours Ago


You admit that you have been violating the user agreement and pulling the same stunts, using multiple names, trying to get others in trouble with the editors for at least 4 years to the degree you have been banned multiple times.

Does anyone see a pattern here? lol @ u!!!




6 Hours Ago


Additional Material:

The fact is the first time Dubious was banned (4 years ago) was over HellFire inviting people into the street. Dubious



1 Hour Ago 

dubious/liberatedwoman/all your names:

You are a liar! I have not asked you to meet in the street, I know you are much to afraid of the truth to venture outside your ammonia stench, cat infested government housing. 

You have pulled the same kindergarten stunt many times under different names. What you have afforded is the fact that while unwilling you supply abundance’s of evidence you are exactly what and who alleged. 

You’re a failure, again. Pathetic at best. 

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Read more: – entry Meeting In The Street


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tryg on July 09, 2012


Excellent blog HF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is the stalker, can’t stay off our blogs, did you see the childish comments she leaves on other blogs and articles as well, talk about a stalker!!!!!!!!!!

You really got dubious to admit that she uses multiple names and basically tells the editors she is dubious and nothing they can do to stop the constant violations. 

Old fat socialist bloodsucker runs from this blog like her skank cats from a dog!!!!

MiddleORoad on July 08, 2012


Yes sir she is sure a sickoooooooo

Weird is the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder she lies so much.

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2 Hours Ago
I called that response on the nose!

liberobesewoman, you come when called, do and post what I predict as sure as the sun came up this morning. 

What, still not one comment addressing those facts, not even the lies you were caught in or being caught posting under 3 names- LOL @ U!!!

You admit what is being stated about you by your reluctance to address the truth. Now go and use that last sentence somewhere. All you are capable of is copying, yes, you prove me correct on that everyday. 

You are a loser just like the communist socialist American hating muslim god of yours. 

You're so predictable you're pathetic.
17 Hours Ago
Perhaps she has a simple mood disorder?

Well, maybe a severe mood disorder.
19 Hours Ago
You certainly post a lot of comments to make any remarks about me. Then again, you are a hypocrite. ROTFLMCBO@HF!!!!!!

BTW, the Affordable Care Act is constitutional! Go eat your broccoli and peas.
20 Hours Ago
The facts are the admitted communist socialist liberal follows any lead I provide. 

If I go in the political direction, her and her names follow. Recently the mentally unstable path was taken and she, as predicted followed landing me a $100 bill. 

Most certainly, she and her names will make absurd claims, as her wining a vacation on my responses. We all know that lie was exposed in its entirety and she made to look ridiculous, as usual. Jumping up and down shaking all that nasty fat in a tantrum when reading this is inevitable. My words are true, proven repeatedly. This has transpired for years and it appears she is not capable of original thought and most certainly not capable of learning from experiences. 

I agree she and her kind are illiterate, welfare bloodsucking communist socialist American hating Godless heaping piles of worthless nothings and are responsible for obama being allowed to destroy America. 

Tryg you have caught libeatedwoman using dubious names as well as differentview2. Liberateswoman will not, cannot address that truth and answers with the lies that she was called to the street, which is ridiculous at best. That type must have anonymity, hiding is the only way they have courage of any kind. Never will they consider a face to face, their fear and knowledge of their weakness will not allow it.

The internet and this blog are her life. Proof, she is here always!

July 11, 2012

I caught you using differentview2 and dubiousforever when you lost track of what name you were logged in under that is proven!!!!!!!

Why don't you answer the question of why do you do that? You will just lie and eat more tortillas and lie more.

HF says that even a regular person can see how mentally retarded you post not to mention lying all the time, getting caught all the time too!!!!

No one believes you at all so log in under different names and talk to yourself as everyone already knows. 

You threaten naaaa naaaa you will be responded to in the same language, LOL WHAT AN ID IOT YOU ARE!!!!

I can just hear you trying to speak english THE OFFICAL LANGUAGE OF AMERICA, hecccy mahnn forw whiky juew talkie tho mekeee likeyy dhat.... gho to shurch width nheww choeece LOL!!!!

You are a sickoooooooooooo!!!!!!
July 10, 2012
Over 69 million people voted for President Obama, so what "type" of people are those? Before you respond with an insult, keep in mind that you will be classifying over half of the voting population if you choose to respond and the same language may be used to describe you.

You also admit to having no training as a mental illness professional; however, you continue to diagnose people via the Internet. I think that the word "quack" is appropriate in these circumstances.

How is that Romneycare working for you?

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