Teach Loud, Learn Proud:Moreno Middle School goes Loudmouth
by Bee-Picayune staff
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John Johnson’s “Teach Loud, Learn Proud” program is expanding and now includes all sixth- and seventh-grade teachers at Moreno Middle School. The colorful golf pants worn by the teachers are the trademark of Loudmouth Golf.
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BEEVILLE – John Johnson’s “Teach Loud, Learn Proud” has expanded this year beyond just his sixth-grade math students at Moreno Middle School.

The Joe Barnhart Foundation was impressed enough with the program last year to give Johnson and Moreno a grant to incorporate the program in the entire sixth- and seventh-grade math classes this year, Johnson said.

Moreno Principal Joni Barber took the theme and made Teach Loud, Learn Proud, the motto for this school year.

“This saying can mean many different things, but the words that we use at MMS are Eager, Caring, Unconventional, Honor, Creative, Enthusiastic, Excited, Pride, Whole-hearted, Rewarding, Passionate and Self-Important,” Barber said.

The staff took this to heart and, with the help of Larry Jackson (CEO of Loudmouth Golf) and LMG, ordered pants to go along with the theme.

The staff also has ordered T-shirts and polos from Total Graphics to help them “Teach Loud.”

“The kids love seeing their teachers dressed in (Loudmouth) pants,” Johnson said.

Barber, along with Assistant Principals Annette Sanchez and Hank Looney, presented an inservice to the teachers called “Smile and Move.”

Johnson, BISD’s teacher of the year, said, “Wearing these pants is an integral part of the program.

“They (the pants) make the children at ease, happy and proud of their teacher.

“Larry Jackson has had a tremendous impact on the children of Moreno Middle School, and I would like to say a big thank you to him.”

Jackson said, “Loudmouth is so pleased with the inspirational job John ‘JJ’ Johnson and the staff of Moreno Middle School has done to bring fun back into teaching.

“I had the privilege of spending time with Moreno students earlier this year and saw firsthand the influence that great and caring teaching has on our students.

“Bravo, JJ and Moreno Middle School.”
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September 12, 2011
We are not required to wear these pants. We wear them because we want to. I have only heard positive comments from our kids! This program is something we are doing to motivate our students. We will do whatever it takes to get our kids interested in learning. Parents that I have talked to also say that the kids are excited to be there and are having fun! That's what it is all about!
September 09, 2011
Whats disrespectful is to come on here and blast very good educators for trying to engage their students, and for trying to make learning fun. With the way the BISD students are these days, and the lack of parental support in the schools, it is up to someone to try and reach these kids. If it takes silly pants and catchy slogans to do this, then who does it hurt? Maybe some of these kids will make it OUT of Beeville, and do great things in the world, things that don't include bashing teachers for trying to educate their students using anonymous screen names...
September 09, 2011
Just because it rhymes doesn't mean it makes sense. I don't think the pants make the children at ease, or proud of their teacher. Just give them more to make fun of. And since most of the kids are probalby high, it probably just adds to their buzz.