Trying to stamp out stuttering
by Mullet Over by Dr. James White
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An 1877 cure for stuttering: Let the speaker stamp the ground or floor with his right foot as he talks – stuttering will become impossible. (And talking would become difficult.)

Should you visit Washington, D.C. during the next 24 months, you may observe extensive scaffolding shrouding the cast-iron dome atop our nation’s Capitol. A $60 million restoration is planned and our government is famous for staying under budget and finishing on schedule.

The first tunnel that was successfully completed beneath a river was dug by the Babylonians (2160 B.C.) when they excavated a 3,000-foot passageway under the Euphrates.

According to nutrition experts, all animals require salt in order to survive. Does that make potato chips a health food? My wife says “NO.”

In 217 B.C., the famous Carthaginian general Hannibal (long before Lecter) set one of the most brilliant and effective military traps in history. Hannibal looked over the valley near Lake Trasimene (central Italy) and envisioned the perfect scenario for an ambush. He lured the main force of the Roman Army into chasing a few enemy troops into a boggy lake area and then launched an attack that handed the Roman Empire its first major military defeat ever. Fewer than 40 percent of the waylaid soldiers escaped back to Rome. Military strategists still use aspects of this battle as prime examples of effective retreat and advantageous utilization of terrain.

Kool-Ade became a commercial product in 1927 when the inventor of a syrup mix called Fruit-Smack was able to convert the thick tasty liquid into a dry powder blend. The name was changed to Kool-Aid in 1934. An estimated 563,000,000 gallons of Kool-Aid were consumed in 2012.

Many bunkers and bomb shelters built decades ago were well constructed and are currently being used for peacetime purposes such as power plants (Hamburg), a zoo (Tel-Aviv) and a data center (Stockholm).

In Ancient Egypt, deliberately killing a cat for any reason was a capital offense. Well, use your own judgment about potato chips – and have a great week.

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