Two residents accuse DeWitt of using racial slurs
by Jason Collins
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Dennis DeWitt
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Two Bee County constables will determine the validity of sworn statements given by two Bee County residents that say Dennis DeWitt as director of the Community Affairs Department made racially derogatory comments toward two people.

“For the record, the statements I received, no one claimed any racial discrimination so that is not an issue,” said Commissioner Susan Stasny during Monday’s Commissioners Court meeting.

Following the meeting, Stasny said, “It is just totally inappropriate behavior to make racial comments while dealing with the public.”

DeWitt was recently elected to replace Stasny as commissioner.

Stasny said that the first of the complaints came to her earlier this year from an incident that occurred seven years ago.

“When the two candidates were determined for the runoff, they saw that in the paper. She came forward,” Stasny said. “Their whole intent was to let people know so that (DeWitt) wouldn’t be elected commissioner. They wanted their message out there.”

In that statement, the property owner states that she was called a “wetback” and a “Mexican.”

DeWitt said that he didn’t make any of these racial comments.

“I am not that person. Not only do I not talk that way, I do not even think that way,” DeWitt said.

DeWitt said that the accusation against him is nothing but “a 1960s political tactic.”

DeWitt added, “I know (the incident) is 2,550 days old and it only came to light during a political campaign.”

A second accusation, from January 2009, filed by a man DeWitt said was operating an “illegal” landfill, accuses him of also using the term “Mexican” in a derogatory manner. Like in the other incident, DeWitt said that he didn’t use the word.

Stasny said that she asked that the court not discuss the accusation until after the election.

“My comment when I turned in the statements is that I asked that nothing be done until after the election,” Stasny said after the meeting.

“I have done nothing to advance it. I didn’t ask for it to be on the agenda. I didn’t recruit the people to do the investigation.”

DeWitt, however, said that the property owner from the first statement read her comments as a paid political ad on a local radio station followed by comments from Stasny, who said, “I oppose racism in any form. My opponent’s racial prejudices have no place in public service.”

On Monday, Constables Abel Suniga and Gabriel Aleman were appointed to look at the statements and report back to the court in May after determining their validity.

“We really wanted an independent person... to verify the statements for truthfulness,” Stasny said.

“I think there are about three issues involved here,” Stasny said during the meeting. “I believe the court is looking for the investigators to determine the validity of the sworn statements claiming comments of racial prejudice that were made by, they allege were made by, the community affairs (director...) while executing the official duties of the job,” Stasny said during the meeting.

“There are some other issues that maybe the court can handle — whether he exceeded the authority of his job description or if he violated personnel policy.”

Stasny also requested that the constables not conduct their interviews in uniform.

“I would request this be done in a plain clothes without badges and uniforms but they should reveal their official title,” she said during the meeting.

Stasny explained later that she thought if the officers were in uniform, they might appear “intimidating.”

DeWitt said that he is asking the interviews be “recorded, transcribed and signed to ensure future verification of information and statements.”

Jason Collins is the editor at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 358-2550, ext. 121, or at
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April 29, 2010
does anybody care if by any chance this did happen? who out there condones racism? would it not serve the public best interest to look into these serious allegations? look beyond politics..and seek the truth.
April 28, 2010
Get over it, you lost, the voters have spoken!
April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010
Typical Bee County politics. When all else fails, claim the person said something about hispanics. 9 times out of 10, it will stick regardless of credibility.

Stasny lost because she was a terrible commissioner. Nothing she says or does is going to change the election results. We want her gone and she should just hit the road already.
April 28, 2010

I find the following statement made by Ms Stasny completely ironic:“It is just totally inappropriate behavior to make racial comments while dealing with the public.” So does she mean that it is appropriate behavior if you aren't in the public? And if that is the case is this truly the person you want representing a county with a large majority of the citizens being "non-white"? I have had many dealings with Mr Dewitt and he has never been anything other than courteous and respectful. The people to be able to truly speak of Mr Dewitt's character are the ones who he works with on a daily basis. I feel that since Ms Stasny brought up this same issue, and these same people during the campaign and it did not go her way she is once again trying to slander a good man's reputation. I will find it quite humorous when the recount is done, at the expense of Ms Stasny and she loses by more than the original 24 votes.

April 28, 2010
Mr. Dewitt has always been helpful and Friendly.
April 28, 2010
Mr. Dewitt has always been very helpful and friendly.